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  1. The study of urban food security has evolved dramatically over the past few decades. This evolution has been punctuated, and catalyzed, by insights into the dynamic transformation of food systems in cities. Th...

    Authors: Bruce Frayne, Truzaar Dordi, Cameron McCordic, Naomi Sunu and Clare Williamson
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2022 4:9
  2. Urban living labs (ULLs) can be an important way to approach multi-stakeholder co-creation with regard to urban transitions and transformations. They have become a common type of co-creative experimentation, o...

    Authors: Jonas Bylund, Johannes Riegler and Caroline Wrangsten
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2022 4:8
  3. The contribution of the first generation of urban living labs (ULLs) to system-wide sustainability transformations is thus far less than expected. A possible explanation for this can be found in the focus of m...

    Authors: Christian Scholl, Joop de Kraker and Marc Dijk
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2022 4:7

    The Correction to this article has been published in Urban Transformations 2022 4:10

  4. Platform urbanism has emerged in recent years as an area of research into the ways in which digital platforms are increasingly central to the governance, economy, experience, and understanding of the city. In ...

    Authors: Federico Caprotti, I.-Chun Catherine Chang and Simon Joss
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2022 4:4
  5. The Urban Living Lab (ULL) approach has the potential to create enabling environments for social learning and to be a successful arena for innovative local collaboration in knowledge co-creation and experimen...

    Authors: Pia Laborgne, Epongue Ekille, Jochen Wendel, Andrea Pierce, Monika Heyder, Joanna Suchomska, Iulian Nichersu, Dragos Balaican, Krzysztof Ślebioda, Michał Wróblewski and Wojciech Goszczynski
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2021 3:11
  6. Platform-based services are rapidly transforming urban work, lives and spaces around the world. The rise of platforms dependent on largely expendable labour relations, with significant migrant involvement, mus...

    Authors: Natasha A. Webster and Qian Zhang
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2021 3:10
  7. Digitalisation is an increasingly important driver of urban development. The ‘New Urban Science’ is one particular approach to urban digitalisation that promises new ways of knowing and managing cities more ef...

    Authors: Andrew Karvonen, Vladimir Cvetkovic, Pawel Herman, Karl Johansson, Hedvig Kjellström, Marco Molinari and Mikael Skoglund
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2021 3:9
  8. There has been a call for more participatory processes to feed into urban planning for more resilient food systems. This paper describes a process of knowledge co-production for transforming towards an alterna...

    Authors: Laura Pereira, Scott Drimie, Olive Zgambo and Reinette Biggs
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2020 2:13
  9. This paper develops an integrated framework to study the socio-spatial and temporal dimensions of urban energy transitions to investigate the development and spread of solar energy technologies in urban China....

    Authors: Vanesa Castán Broto, Daphne Mah, Fangzhu Zhang, Ping Huang, Kevin Lo and Linda Westman
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2020 2:11
  10. Climate-driven changes in coastal flood risk have enormous consequences for coastal cities. These risks intersect with unequal patterns of environmental hazards exacerbating differential vulnerability of clima...

    Authors: Pablo Herreros-Cantis, Veronica Olivotto, Zbigniew J. Grabowski and Timon McPhearson
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2020 2:9
  11. As widely attested in the literature, the evaluation of co-production is complex and unsuited to the use of conventional quality, monitoring and evaluation indicators. This reflects the uncertainties, co-contr...

    Authors: Henrietta Palmer, Merritt Polk, David Simon and Stina Hansson
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2020 2:6
  12. Amplifying the impact of sustainability initiatives to foster transformations in urban and rural contexts, has received increasing attention in resilience, social innovation, and sustainability transitions res...

    Authors: David P. M. Lam, Berta Martín-López, Arnim Wiek, Elena M. Bennett, Niki Frantzeskaki, Andra I. Horcea-Milcu and Daniel J. Lang
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2020 2:3
  13. This Perspective positions urban challenges in informal settlements in the Global South as a question of how to coproduce actionable knowledge for sustainability transitions, and how this relates to power issu...

    Authors: Karlijn Schipper, Giorgia Silvestri, Julia M. Wittmayer, Jenifer B. Isoke and Robinah Kulabako
    Citation: Urban Transformations 2019 1:4

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