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Table 2 T-lab 2

From: Planning for change: Transformation labs for an alternative food system in Cape Town, South Africa

The second T-lab took place from 19 to 21 July 2017, at Nine Oaks, Paarl, a venue 70 Km from Cape Town.
The goal of the 2nd T-Lab was to further develop and strengthen the trust between participants in the emerging coalition of change that would then enable them to continue to define and implement breakthrough solutions.
22 participants attended the second T-lab, with 7 coming from those that had attended the first T-lab. Participants included: permaculture specialists, food and land activists, restaurateurs, urban farmers, and a representative from the informal traders’ association, researchers, anthropologist, and indigenous food innovator. Only two of the four researchers from the first T-lab (from the CST and the SAFL) facilitated the process.
The Consolidation Workshop was based on three distinct movements that unfolded over 2 days. These were:
i. Sensing the system
ii. Letting Go (old ways of working)
iii. Letting Come (emerging innovation)
Having learned from the experience of the previous T-lab, this lab was designed with much more humble ambitions and as such did not experience as many challenges as the first one had. There was an overall positive response from participants when invitations were sent out. This allowed for a subsequent T-lab to take place on 2–3 May 2019 in Cape Town with a further subset of participants and new invitees (See Cramer et al. 2019).